Jonsson-Abbott Scale – Psychometric Properties and Predictive Validity

The Jonsson-Abbott Scale (JAS) has 11 items and seeks to identify early indicators of problem gambling progression. It is free to use for clinicians and researchers alike, but not for commercial use. It was developed and used in a large, prospective, general population study, The Swedish Longitudinal Gambling Study (Swelogs).

The 11 items covers three factors related to gambling: ‘Over consumption,’ ‘Gambling fallacies,’ and ’Reinforcers’. The JAS is quick and easy to administer and score. It is available in Swedish and English versions. Head over to the Download page and see or yourself.

A paper describing the development and psychometric validation of the JAS was published open access in October 2017. It is also described in the following Swelogs report (pp 101-102) – see here.

Download the JAS

The JAS is free to use for researchers and clinicians in non-commercial purposes. But pleas include a reference to the validation study in any resulting publication.
As of right now, the JAS has been psychometric evaluated in the following languages (click to download PDF)

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Read the full paper (open access):

Jonsson, J., Abbott, M. W., Sjöberg, A., & Carlbring, P. (2017). Measuring Gambling Reinforcers, Over Consumption and Fallacies: The Psychometric Properties and Predictive Validity of the Jonsson-Abbott Scale. Frontiers in Psychology, 8(1807). doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2017.01807